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What Is Neurolens?

Your eyes and brain need to be in constant communication, and when this communication is interrupted, your brain can work harder to rebalance them, resulting in eye misalignment.

This constant stress on your eyes can lead to symptoms like headaches, eye strain, dry eye, neck and shoulder pain, and more. At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we can help you find relief through Neurolens technology.

Neurolens technology is specifically designed to help manage and correct eye misalignment. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment and see how Neurolens can make a difference.

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Benefits of Neurolens

Our reliance on digital technology results in spending more and more time in front of screens all day. Through hours of digital device and screen usage, your eyes can feel tired, red, dry, and sensitive to light.

Neurolens technology provides a customized solution that goes beyond standard vision correction through specially designed eyeglass lenses that address computer vision syndrome.

Relief from Headaches, Strain, & Neck Pain

When your eyes are aligned, the images sent to your brain are also aligned and clear. Eye misalignment can cause your brain to need to constantly adjust images and lead to:

  • Neck pain
  • Motion sickness
  • Dry eye sensation
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches

Neurolenses use a contoured prism design to correct eye misalignment naturally and deliver comfortable, clear vision. Using advanced prism technology, Neurolenses can help with trigeminal dysphoria and help you enjoy comfortable vision throughout the day.

Neurolenses are specifically designed to reduce the imbalance caused by eye misalignment.

Neurolens Eye Alignment Assessment

The Neurolens assessment includes a measurement test that is completed by one of our doctors during your eye exam. This test is designed to measure the degree of your misalignment at near and far distances and allows us to determine if there is misalignment in your vision.

Following your assessment, we will be able to find the contoured prism prescription that is right for you and help relieve your symptoms.

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You deserve clear and comfortable vision. Even a minor eye misalignment can cause symptoms and discomfort, and through Neurolens technology, we can help.

Contact us to schedule your appointment today and discover if Neurolens is the right fit for you.

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