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Myopia Control


Keep Nearsightedness In Check

Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is a common refractive error that affects the ability to see far objects clearly, while close objects remain clear. It is a condition that currently affects 30% of Canadians, and that percentage is expected to rise.

Although we measure and test vision in many ways, myopia is usually detected using a comprehensive eye exam. Book an appointment now to see if you have myopia, and talk with us about the ways we can best control and manage this condition.

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How Do We Control Myopia?

Unfortunately, myopia can only be corrected using laser eye surgery. However, it can be successfully controlled and managed using a variety of eyecare strategies and tools, such as glasses or contact lenses.

Myopia generally develops in childhood and becomes progressively worse until adulthood, at which time it stabilizes. For adults, myopia can be compensated for using prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses or corrected using laser eye surgery.

Because children’s eyes are not fully developed and are still in their growth phase, myopia can be controlled, and the progression of myopia can actually be decelerated. It is important, however, that your child undergoes a comprehensive eye exam before a myopia control strategy can be formulated.

At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we use two methods of myopia control for children:

Misight Contact Lenses

MiSight contact lenses are soft, daily contact lenses specially made for children with myopia. These lenses allow your child to see clearly at all distances and have been shown to slow myopia progression in some children by up to 59%.

MyoVision Lenses

For many children with myopia, we recommend prescription glasses made with MyoVision lenses. Made by Zeiss, these specialty lenses are designed to slow the progression of myopia by correcting the refractive error by sacrificing some clear peripheral vision to improve central vision and discourage the eye from becoming more elongated. MyoVision lenses may offer effective myopia control for some children.

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