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Category: Children Eye Exam


What Lens is Used For Myopia Management?

an optometrist performs a vision test on a young child

There are many options for treating myopia, including glasses and contact lenses. While regular lenses can help correct myopia and provide clearer vision, specialized lenses can help manage myopia progression. What lens does your eye doctor use when managing myopia progression?  Continue reading to learn about myopia, including what lenses are available to manage this […]

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What Age Should Children Have Their First Eye Exam?

Young girl undergoing eye exam at optometrist office with eye exam chart in the background

Many eye problems can develop during childhood, making regular eye exams essential for protecting your child’s vision. When thinking of taking your child for an eye exam, when should they have their first?  Continue reading to learn more about children’s eye exams, including why they’re essential and when your child should have their first exam.  […]

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