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Is Glaucoma Hereditary?

An elderly man with glaucoma is being examined by an ophthalmologist.

Even if you can see clearly, you can develop eye problems. Family history can make you more at risk of eye diseases, making it essential to visit your optometrist regularly.  One common eye disease is glaucoma, but is this condition hereditary?  Glaucoma can be hereditary, depending on the type. The most common form of glaucoma, […]

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Are You a Candidate for Ortho K?

a woman holds up an ortho k lens

What Is Ortho-K? Eye surgery fixes eye issues such as myopia or astigmatism by reshaping the cornea—commonly with a laser. But even with leaps and bounds that science has made regarding laser eye surgery, it’s still invasive, no matter how minimally. There’s healing time, and reinjury sometimes becomes easier depending on the type of surgery […]

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