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What Are Neurolens Glasses? 


What Are Neurolens Glasses? 

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If you’ve ever felt eye strain, fatigue, or headaches and have no idea why, you might be dealing with eye misalignment. It’s a fairly common eye condition that can cause your eyes and brain to work harder to see the world properly. But there’s a solution: Neurolens glasses.

These are glasses that incorporate a unique contoured prism into the lens. They come in both prescription and non-prescription forms and change how your eyes receive light subtly and effectively, making things easier on your eyes and brain.

What Is Eye Misalignment?

Your eyes and brain are closely linked—much closer than you may think. Usually, when they’re working in sync, the eyes work together and send the brain two separate images. These images combine and allow you to see the world around you. But what happens if the eyes are slightly offset or one isn’t aiming properly? This is eye misalignment.

When the eyes are misaligned, the brain is getting a slightly different image from each eye. Over time, it can start to strain to properly interpret the visual information it receives. This can lead to:

  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty reading
  • Coordination and balance problems

Fortunately, your optometrist can detect whether or not your eyes are misaligned during an eye exam. But what do you do with this information? Is there a way to avoid those painful headaches and moments of eye strain?

Do Neurolenses Help with Eye Misalignment?

Enter Neurolens. These aren’t your everyday glasses. They’re a revolutionary approach to dealing with eye misalignment, digital eye strain, and other problems. These glasses meld a contoured prism seamlessly into a glasses lens based on your unique prescription to give you clear vision and change how light enters the eye.

These glasses come in both prescription and non-prescription forms, focusing on more than just correcting vision. Neurolenses aim to subtly alter how your eyes process the visual information they receive to reduce eye strain, headaches, and neck pain.

Overall, they’re designed to give you clear, comfortable vision and reduce the effects of eye misalignment. While they can’t cure the root problem, they can make accommodations for your eyes and brain to work around the problem and reduce the symptoms.

How Do Neurolens Glasses Work?

Neurolenses use a unique contoured prism design that adjusts how light enters the eye. They work by gradually adjusting the difference in focus between your eyes, helping to align the images your brain receives. This means the brain doesn’t have to work as hard to interpret the two separate images from your eyes.

Over time, this significantly reduces the strain on your eyes and brain. The brain starts to get information as though your eyes are naturally aligned, and your eyes don’t have to try to accommodate for any confusion.

Neurolens is a comprehensive solution targeting the root cause of your eye strain instead of just trying to bring you relief. These glasses are changing the world by changing how your eyes and brain see it.

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How Do You Get Neurolenses?

If you’re interested in Neurolens, it all starts with a visit to your optometrist. They’ll perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine your exact prescription—and then they’ll start the fun.

Because these glasses use a prism, your optometrist needs to take a special Neurolens measurement. This measurement helps determine the exact level of your eye misalignment so your future lenses can be properly contoured. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect lens for your needs!

Once all the measurements are taken, your optometrist will order the glasses. When they arrive, you should return for a visit so they can determine whether or not the Neurolens glasses are doing their job properly. They can fit them to your face and verify whether or not the glasses are comfortable aligning with your eye’s natural position.

And if all goes well, you’ll now be the proud owner of a pair of revolutionary glasses, and you can wave goodbye to those feelings of eye strain!

Should I Get Neurolenses?

If you think you have eye misalignment, Neurolens might just be the answer you need. But come visit us before making any decisions! Dr. Zargar Eyecare’s team of caring and experienced optometrists can perform a thorough examination to determine whether or not Neurolens can help. So book an appointment with us today and take the first step toward joining the Neurolens family!

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